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Proudly manufactured and assembled in South Africa!

Full length rocker plates designed to take your indoor cycling, training and racing to the next level.

A ROQAboard will reduce the stress put on your bike and body while training on a static indoor trainer by allowing a more natural motion to both yourself, your smart trainer and your bike. The side to side motion also promotes core activation and enhances ride feel for all indoor efforts.

Made from high quality imported hardwood covered with a non slip water resistant coating. The finish is impeccable and extremely hard wearing. Assembled using elastomeric pivot mounts and stainless steel hardware to ensure long lasting and consistent performance

Fits all common brands on smart, non smart, wheel on and direct drive trainers including TACX, Wahoo (+Wahoo Bike), Saris, Elite and many more. If you have any doubts send us an email or Whatsapp with the details and a picture of your indoor trainer. We will happily confirm before you purchase.

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